Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are short marketing videos that explain a product, service or idea. They can be very effective in helping your audience understand an important topic, such as “How to deposit a check by mobile phone” or “How does this software work?”

At TADApix, we’ve been making Explainer Videos since 2011 for over a thousand happy clients. We’d love to make yours too!

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KFCU - How-to videos

We worked with our friends at Keesler Federal Credit Union to build a library of how-to videos for their members. Everything form how-to deposit a check to how-to make transfers. Take a look at some of the examples below.

BNY - Risk Management

We made a funny series of videos with two characters, Charlie and Farley to communicate risk management tips to the employees of BNY Mellon. These engaging and funny videos make absorbing the message easy and fun.For 

Ally Bank - Account features

We made this series of very clean and simple videos to communicate some of the best features of having an account with ally bank.

Marketing videos and ads

Below are a few of the advertisements and sizzle videos we’ve made for some of our financial services clients.

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